Komet + / vs. Bovine Life | Reciprocess + / vs. Volume 1

CD + Digipack w/ 12pp Booklet | F.0026.0001/Bleep 10

Komet + / vs. Bovine Life | Reciprocess + / vs. Volume 1 Komet's precise minimalism meets Bovine Life's chaotic electronics resulting in 17 tracks of economic sonic tapestry.

In addition to co-running Germany's influential Raster-Noton label/collective, Komet [Frank Bretschneider] has released works on a number of respected labels worldwide, including: Mille Plateaux, 12k and Raster-Noton. He describes his work as follows, "I like precise, short, impulsive sounds; clean sine waves and white noise, which are both simple and clear."

Bovine Life [Chris Dooks] has been collaborating musically through a 56k modem via his web-based label Social Electrics since 1999. His past collaborators have included, among others, Janek Schaeffer, Alku and The Third Eye Foundation. His album 'Social Electrics' was released on BiP-HOp in 2001. He describes his work as follows, "I'm a bit uncontrolled and easily distracted, but this allows my compositions to be guided by the circumstances of the moment."

Volume 1 features essays by Philip Sherburne [The Wire, XLR8R] and Susanna Bolle [XLR8R].

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