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Fällt has always balanced audio releases with visual releases, in most cases our works combine the two.

We hope to extend our past experiments and plan to broaden the 'Visual' section of the Fällt website considerably in 2007 to include purely visual projects, exploring and exploiting the mediums of PDF, FlashPaper and emerging formats to see how we can develop future alternatives to established (print) publishing models.

We're currently adding PDF prints based on Fällt releases to this page. Technical advice on printing these works or archival print advice please contact us for specifications.


Fehler | 510490 PowerBook G4 Crash Log Wallpaper. [Courtesy: Fehler] Download - 1440 x 900 px, JPEG.

Apple: You may use a key combination when starting up the computer to enter single-user mode or verbose mode, either of which can be used for troubleshooting and in software development. This document applies to Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server versions 10.0 and later.

Steps to Enter Single-User or Verbose Mode

  1. Shut down the computer if it is on.
  2. Press the power button to start the computer.
  3. Immediately press and hold the Command (Apple) key and one of the following: the "s" key for single-user mode. the "v" key for verbose mode.
  4. To exit single-user mode type: reboot
  5. Press Return.

You have successfully entered single-user or verbose mode when you see white text appear on the screen.

Sweet Talk 8

Fehler | Spectrum [Original] | Typeface [2000] Fällt designers Fehler were invited to present work at Sweet Talk 8 in Belfast in 2006. To commemorate the event Fehler created a limited edition signed, numbered print available for free to those who arrived early.

Utilising Spectrum Original, a typeface based on the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum keyboard developed for the cover of 'invalidObject Series (comment)', Fehler created an A2 print titled 'Spectrum [Original] | Typeface [2000]'.

The original print - limited to 30 copies only - disappeared quickly. We're making the print available in PDF format for anyone who couldn't make the event or who didn't get a copy.

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