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AB-CD | F.0018.0001 - .0004

The Fällt Live Series was established to document and release selected live recordings by Fällt artists. An ongoing showcase for live music the Series and will feature future contributions by, among others, Tu m' and Taylor Deupree.

Published in AB-CD format and housed in transparent C-Shells, each CD features artwork by Fällt designers Fehler which utilises the format's unique characteristics by printing in reverse around the transparent outer edge to create a CD which effectively appears double-sided. The artwork was recently featured in Creative Review and 'CD Art - Innovation in CD Packaging Design' (RotoVision).

The first release in the Fällt Live Series, 'Gigue' by Stephan Mathieu (Ritornell, Headz) captures an evening's performance at Cologne's A-Musik. Characterised by warm, buzzing resonances it builds slowly to a beautiful, static-soaked climax which Frank Bretschneider describes as "Simply beautiful!"

Chicago's Warmdesk (A Touch of Class, Static Caravan) performance 'The Pride of the South Side' features Warmdesk's characteristic sound, blending rhythmic material with subtle location recordings, a style described by Matt Ffytche in The Wire as, "a conveyor belt of abrupt, jangling, purring, croaking zigzags of sound: an audible Jackson Pollock."

'Arc' by Komet [Frank Bretschneider] (Raster-Noton, 12k) explores similar territory to that which he explored on 'Rausch' (12k) but develops it within a live context. "Komet layers pulsing sine waves, crystalline pings, and dry crackle, sculpting them into precise sequences of anorexic techno that seem created by magnetism alone." (Philip Sherburne, Earplug)

In 'Land', Dublin-based Peter Maybury (Hard Sleeper) brings "a similar concern for detail to his almost twenty-eight minute piece as he does to his design and typographic work. It's a subdued and subtle work, placid and unassuming, whose quietude deceptively camouflages its rich detail. Minimal streams of clicks and pulses flow throughout overlaid by ghostly piano figures and warm, shimmering organ-like tones." (Ron Schepper, Absorb)

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