Hard Sleeper | Land, Live @ Rausch | 05.11.02

AB-CD | F.0018.0004

Dublin based artist Hard Sleeper (Peter Maybury) has previous releases on Sub Rosa, Tu m', Static Caravan and Émigré Music. His first release for Fällt, 'Land' features a performance at Dublin's Rausch. Recent performances by Maybury include Rausch 2003 at the Projects Arts Centre, Dublin alongside Donnacha Costello (Mille Plateaux, Raster Noton), Richard Chartier (12k, LINE) and Frank Bretschneider (Raster Noton, 12k).

'Land' is characterised by minimal clicks and pulses set amidst a backdrop of warm electronic drones - a sound Rudy Vanderlans (Émigré Music) describes as "tentative shapes and melodies, pieced together through fragments of dislocated sounds". Building slowly it establishes a gentle series of interlocking rhythmic patterns which underpin ghostly piano fragments and slowly coalescing electronic harmonies of delicate beauty. Focussed around a sustained core passage of melody 'Land' hovers, melodies deftly coaxed and stretched, before easing into a beautiful closing passage of digitally folded drums.

Maybury is an acclaimed designer and typographer whose work has featured extensively in numerous design periodicals. His work for CODE magazine, the Douglas Hyde Gallery, and the French Film Festival were featured in issue 45 of Émigré magazine, with whom he also worked to create 'Dreaming Out Loudest' - a 72 pp book and CD, released as the concluding part in Émigré Music's 'Dreaming Trilogy'.

Recently Maybury's work has been featured in a number of design books, including 'CD Art - Innovation in CD Packaging Design' (RotoVision) and 'The Typographic Experiment' (Thames & Hudson). He is also a part of 'Serverproject' with Donnacha Costello, David Donohoe (Force Inc.) and Dennis McNulty (Planet-Mu, Warp), creating a site-specific networked electronic performance as part of the DEAF 03 Festival. Maybury has releases forthcoming on Sub Rosa and Static Caravan.

The Fällt Live Series features artwork by Fällt designers Fehler which utilises the AB-CD format's unique characteristics by printing in reverse around the transparent outer edge to create a CD which effectively appears double-sided. The artwork was recently featured in Creative Review and 'CD Art - Innovation in CD Packaging Design' (RotoVision).

'Land' illustration edited from 'The Times Atlas of the World' (ISBN 0 7230 0492 7) - Principal Map Abbreviations.

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