Warmdesk | The Pride of the South Side, Live @ WHPK | 05.10.01

AB-CD | F.0018.0002

Warmdesk is Chicago based artist Bill Selman. After spending time in Vienna, Selman relocated in 2001 to Chicago where he runs independent label A Posteriori.

One of the artists featured on BiP-HOp's influential 'BiP-HOp Generation' series he has performed live at various venues including: Rhiz, Vienna alongside Uli Troyer and Massimo; The Empty Bottle, Chicago with Hrvätski; and The Nervous Centre, Chicago alongside Designer and Kevin Drumm.

'The Pride of the South Side' features Warmdesk's characteristic sound, blending rhythmic material with subtle location recordings, a style recently described by Matt Ffytche in The Wire as, "a conveyor belt of abrupt, jangling, purring, croaking zigzags of sound: an audible Jackson Pollock."

Selman combines dense, noisy harmonics and dub-like bass with rhythmic patterns and samples from everyday life. The result is a multi-faceted 'spray' of sound grounded by a pulse of polyrhythmic beats. Formerly a drummer, Selman allows rhythm to develop intuitively through repetition generating compositions which are without a doubt experimental and abstract, but with rhythms which generally remain intact and apparent.

Previous releases by Warmdesk include: 'Guero Variations' (Deluxe Records); 'invalidObject Series (function)' (Fällt); 'Prole Drift' (Static Caravan); a split lathe cut 8" with Pimmon (A Posteriori); and 'BiP-HOp Generation Volume 2' (BiP-HOp).

Forthcoming releases include: 'Guero Variations' - a split 12" featuring contributions by Stephan Mathieu and Uli Troyer.

The Fällt Live Series features artwork by Fällt designers Fehler which utilises the AB-CD format's unique characteristics by printing in reverse around the transparent outer edge to create a CD which effectively appears double-sided. The artwork was recently featured in Creative Review and 'CD Art - Innovation in CD Packaging Design' (RotoVision).

WHPK is an all-volunteer community radio station … WHPK started broadcasting as a 10-watt FM station at 88.3 MHz on March 22, 1968.

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