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Various Artists | Reciprocess + / vs. Fällt in association with BiP-HOp are pleased to present 'Reciprocess + / vs.' A series of split CDs featuring the work(s) of two sound assemblers and documenting the process of musical reciprocality between them.

As the title of the series suggests each volume features the work of two sound assemblers contributing: a collaborative work; a series of independent works; and finally, contributing a remix of each other's work(s).

Each volume in the series offers an overview of the two participating artists, with select discographies and specially comissioned sleeve notes by established critics. Co-curated by Philippe Petit (BiP-HOp) and Christopher Murphy (Fällt) the series features artwork by Fällt designers Fehler.

The design of the series reflects the equal roles of the different contributors with artwork that is readable from top to bottom, back to front and left to right - a form of 'paper-based interactivity'. The series design was featured in CD Art - Innovation in CD Packaging Design.

The first volume in the series sees Berlin's Komet (Frank Bretschneider) collaborating with Edinburgh's Bovine Life (Chris Dooks). "Precise minimalism meeting chaotic electronics resulting in 17 tracks of economic sonic tapestry."

The second volume in the series sees Saarbrucken's Stephan Mathieu (Full Swing) collaborating with London's si-cut.db (Douglas Benford). Two artists/four guises resulting in 13 tracks of echo-soaked warmth peppered with the pin-prick static of old vinyl.

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