Various Artists | Directions

CDR + Offset-Litho Film Insert | F.0028.0001 - .0002

Various Artists | Directions The 'Directions' Series provides an overview of work by selected Fällt artists - both from forthcoming releases and works in progress. Each release consists of four artists contributing three tracks each and features artwork by Fällt designers Fehler printed on transparent offset-litho film.

'Directions 2001' featured contributions by Ted Sulkowicz - rumoured by many to be Australian artist Pimmon; Stephan Mathieu - contributing material from his acclaimed 'frequencyLib.' release on Ritornell; Aut - contributing excerpts from his forthcoming Fällt release 'Home'; and a series of exclusive 'audio sketches' by Australian artist Pimmon.

'Directions 2002' featured contributions by: Ian Andrews - contributing material from his release 'Ceremonial' on Fällt burn-to-order sub-label Ferric; Christopher Willits - contributing three tracks from his Fällt release 'Pollen'; si-cut.db - contributing excerpts from Fällt release 'Offices at Night [Volume I - Originals]'; and a series of exclusive 'audio sketches' by Chicago artist Warmdesk.

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