Various Artists | Directions 2002

CDR + Offset-Litho Film Insert | F.0028.0002

Various Artists | Directions 2002 The 'Directions' Series provides an overview of work by selected Fällt artists - both from forthcoming releases and works in progress. Each release consists of four artists contributing three tracks each and features artwork by Fällt designers Fehler printed on transparent offset-litho film.

Ian Andrews is a Sydney based independent film, video and sound artist who has been practicing since 1981. A forerunner of Australian artists Pimmon and Oren Ambarchi, he has released works under a variety of guises both in Australia and internationally. 'Ceremonial', his first release for Fällt, was the inaugural release on Fällt burn-to-order sub-label Ferric.

A series of gritty audio montages underpinned throughout by detailed rhythms and exquisite textures 'Ceremonial' is a beautiful suite of tracks which cover a wide range of styles and sounds. Without question some of the best music we've heard in some time.

San Francisco based Willits studyied at Mills College where his tutors included, among others, Pauline Oliveros and Fred Frith. 'Pollen', his first release for Fällt, was released in 2003.

A collection of unique folded guitar recordings 'Pollen' grew from software architectures that Willits designed and improvised with. A set of processes that fragment and fold smooth guitar lines on top of and into each other, generating patterns within patterns, the result is a music that unfolds within the spaces of melody while not being restrained by those spaces.

Warmdesk is Chicago based artist Bill Selman. Previous releases by Warmdesk include: 'Prole Drift' [Static Caravan]; 'invalidObject Series (function)' [Fällt]; a split lathe cut 8" with Pimmon [A Posteriori]; and 'BiP-HOp Generation Volume 2' [BiP-HOp].

As Warmdesk, Selman combines dense, noisy harmonics and dub-like bass with rhythmic patterns and samples from everyday life. The result is a multi-faceted 'spray' of sound grounded by a pulse of polyrhythmic beats.

Co-host and curator of London's Sprawl club/label Douglas Benford's alter-ego(s) si-cut.db/si-{cut}.db/sidecut>>db… have been featured on the Sprawl Imprint and, most recently, BiP-HOp. 'Offices at Night [Volume I - Originals]', his second release on Fällt was released in 2004.

Warm dub, soaked in static - points of reference might include: Vladislav Delay, Thomas Köner, Pole and King Tubby (in no particular order).

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