Various Artists | Directions 2001

CDR + Offset-Litho Film Insert | F.0028.0001

Various Artists | Directions 2001 The 'Directions' Series provides an overview of work by selected Fällt artists - both from forthcoming releases and works in progress. Each release consists of four artists contributing three tracks each and features artwork by Fällt designers Fehler printed on transparent offset-litho film.

In late 2000 the URL for a series of MP3s was forwarded to us via an anonymous remailer by an artist working under the name 'Ted Sulkowicz'. We could find no reference to Sulkowicz or his 'Hotel California'-sampled 'Kid_Newtown' (released on Fällt digital sub-label Fodder) anywhere.

Who is the mysterious Mr Sulkowicz? Rumours abound, including one: that it is none other than Australian prankster Pimmon. Whoever, whatever; responses to the first Fodder release have been overwhelmingly positive. You listen, you decide.

Since 1998 Mathieu’s work has focussed on the digital processing of acoustic events, a process he describes as: "extracting sounds from homoeopathic vibrations at their source." The results of these explorations have been nothing short of startling with incredibly focussed tracks which retain the essence of the works they sample while sounding nothing like them.

'Frequency Lib.' is the culmination of this process and includes digital extracts of work by, amongst others: Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Kiss, Fats Waller, Hot Chocolate, Queen, Kraftwerk, The BeeGees, Captain Beefheart, The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley.

Warm analog dustscapes by former New Zealand based musician Aut. "All source material has been retrieved from the detritus of vinyl LPs and 7" singles collected over the years. The material itself ranges from discarded rock records and musical soundtracks to more 'serious' music including contemporary avant-garde improvisation and drone recordings."

Digital processing has rendered much of the original material unidentifiable, however due to the nature of these fragments, they may be recalled by some listeners. "Offcuts from surrendered vinyl."

'Directions 2001' closes with three sketches from Pimmon, the second of which 'Yemdatem' was subsequently featured on Pimmon's first release on Tigerbeat6 'Electronic Tax Return'.

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