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Based in Saarbruecken, Germany, Mathieu has worked worldwide as an improvising drummer, notably with German group Stol. Since 1998, however, his work has focussed on the digital processing of acoustic events, a process he describes as: "extracting sounds from homeopathic vibrations at their source."

The results of these explorations have been nothing short of startling with incredibly focussed tracks which retain the essence of the works they sample while sounding nothing like them.

His 'Wurmloch Variationen' was released on Ritornell in 2000 followed by a 5 x 10" series 'Edits' on Orthlorng Musork featuring remixes of Autopoieses, Kit Clayton and Monolake among others.

A regular collaborator with Fällt, Mathieu's releases on Fällt have included 'invalidObject Series (in)', a portrait of Berlin for 'Invisible Cities', a nine track suite in the 'Gizmo Variations', and a collaboration with si-cut.db in the Fällt/BiP-HOp 'Reciprocess + / vs.' series.

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