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Greg Godwin's work under the guises Aut and Dsic explores damaged audio and harnesses fragments of melody wrenched from the grooves of worn vinyl. The resulting pieces have a haunting and mesmerising quality, like forgotten music glimpsed only momentarily.

Godwin's work has featured at acclaimed web-based label Tiln in addition to his audio/computer sound diary at Slackonomics. Godwin states that his work is about "free distributive music, podcast/xml, audio logs and computer sound".

Godwin first collaborated with Fällt in 2001 to create 'Home' - a series of audio recordings "recovered from the detritus of vinyl LPs and 7" singles collected over the years". Three of these works - 'Soundtype', 'Home' and 'Sero' - were released on the limted edition 'Directions 2001'.

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