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Aut | Home “Perhaps all music, even the newest, is not so much something discovered as something that re-emerges from where it lay buried in the memory, inaudible as a melody cut in a disc of flesh.”

Jean Genet

Greg Godwin's work under the guises Aut and Dsic explores damaged audio and harnesses fragments of melody wrenched from the grooves of worn vinyl. The resulting pieces have a haunting and mesmerising quality, like forgotten music glimpsed only momentarily.

Godwin states: "All material has been recovered from the detritus of vinyl LPs and 7” singles collected over the years. Digital processing has rendered much of the original material unidentifiable, but the nature of recall is elusive and these fragments of discarded much-loved music could seem familiar.

"The blast of guitar rock, echoes of the human voice, pop-hits, avant-attack. All music is the same, and in the end what remains are artefacts, lock-grooves and repetition, repetition, repetition…"

Reviewed in 2000, Gordon McEwen (%Array) states: "Vestigial melodies resolve somewhere in the middle distance, unfurl slowly, linger for a little and then dissolve from view. 'Sero' and 'Home', the title track (which is particularly impressive), bear something of a majestic, processional, quality; both pitch a pedestrian shuffle against sustained mid- and low-range drones. At times it's soporific (or hypontic, if you like) but every track remains substantial and engaging."

Only three tracks were ever released from 'Home', on the first 'Directions' compilation. Now retrieved in its entirety from the Fällt archive, 'Home' will be released on 1 January, 2008 as a 320 KBPs high bitrate digital audio release available for free download.

The digital release will be accompanied by physical artwork in the form of a limited edition print currently in production.

Fällt are grateful to the following for their help and support in realising this project: Christopher, Christian and W. Conrad Röntgen at Fallt; Jo; Space/Happy and all back Home!

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