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Based in Sydney, Australia, Ian Andrews is a sound designer and musician who has been active in various guises since the 80s. In addition to his work as a sound designer and musician Andrews runs Radioscopia - an online space for audio/visual experiments.

Andrews first collaborated with Fällt in 2004 to release 'Ceremonial', the first release in Fällt burn-to-order sub-label 'Ferric'. Released to widespread acclaim three tracks from 'Ceremonial' also appeared on the limited edition 'Directions 2002'.

'Ceremonial' was Andrews' first release under his own name and was described in Cyclic Defrost as: "Its repetitive rhythm patterns suggest techno but it’s too unusual to be delimited by that label. Its music oozes dub-like fluidity and a production style of oceanic depth, yet it’s hardly dub. There’s no shortage of digital handiwork either but to name it glitch would be misleading. In short, Andrews’ music bears traces of said genres but distills them all into a compellingly fresh hybrid that’s mesmerizing."

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