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Diamond AQ CDR | F.0034.0001 - .0004

Various Artists | Ferric Fällt are pleased to announce the release of a burn-to-order series of recordings titled 'Ferric'. Each release in the series features offset printed artwork and is burned onto two-colour silkscreened, diamond AQ CDRs packaged in DVD super-jewelcases.

The series design by Fällt designers Fehler in association with long-term collaborator Alorenz features an IBM punch card inspired design incorporating individually blanked edition numbers which was featured in Adrian Shaughnessy's article on 'Laptop Aesthetics' in Eye magazine.

The first release in the series features Ian Andrews (Pneuma, Radioscopia), a Sydney based artist who has been producing film, video and sound works since 1981. 'Ceremonial', his first CD under his own name and the inaugural release on Fallt's 'Ferric' burn-to-order series of CDs, has been described as "exuding the deep, dubby qualities associated with Berlin's Chain Reaction but, more importantly, a work of mesmerizing originality that, like the releases in the Chain Reaction catalogue, sublimely reconfigures if not transcends genre stereotypes." (Ron Schepper, Cyclic Defrost)

The second release in the series features Italian duo Tu m' (Phthalo, Aesova), whose work has been released to widespread critical acclaim. 'Pop Involved [Version 3.0]' is their first release on Fällt and has been described as "nothing short of a lexicon of electronic music, only a lexicon that has been culled and arranged to suit its own, unusual aesthetic." (Michael Heumann, Stylus Magazine)

Originally released in 1998 on Scandinavian label 1,024, Japanese collective 3.14…'s '∆' had been limited to a short run of only 64 copies worldwide. Guest curated by Joe Gilmore (12k/LINE, Alku) and completely remastered by Taylor Deupree (12k, Mille Plateaux), '∆' is scheduled for release in February, 2008. Whilst firmly underpinned by mathematical principles '∆' often reaches moments of extreme beauty, not least in the melancholic melodies of '3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971…', an elegiac track bristling with warm, digital harmonies. '∆' will be released in January, 2008.

David Donohoe's 'Please dissolve in this' was originally intended for release on Mille Plateaux. Donohoe states: "The saga of 'Please dissolve in this' continues! It was created in 2000/01 and eventually scheduled for release on Mille Plateaux. Whilst finalising contracts with Achim Szepanski, Mille Plateaux/Force Inc. collapsed as a result of EFA Medien's collapse. So it ended up sitting on the shelf gathering dust and regret."

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