David Donohoe | Please dissolve in this

Diamond AQ CDR | F.0034.0004

David Donohoe | Please dissolve in this David Donohoe's 'Please dissolve in this' was originally intended for release on Mille Plateaux. Donohoe states: "The saga of 'Please dissolve in this' continues! It was created in 2000/01 and eventually scheduled for release on Mille Plateaux. Whilst finalising contracts with Achim Szepanski, Mille Plateaux/Force Inc. collapsed as a result of EFA Medien's collapse. So it ended up sitting on the shelf gathering dust and regret."

Eight years after it was created, Fällt are delighted to release 'Please dissolve in this' as the fourth release in its Ferric series, scheduled for release in February, 2008.

'Please dissolve in this' is characterised by an elegant pacing and a distinct aesthetic across its ten tracks. Minimal clicks and pulses are coupled with warmer, digital moments resulting in a release that has stood the test of time. Taylor Deupree, currently mastering the final release, states: "'Dissolve' sounds great. 'The Darkest Of Rooms' is spectacular... very nice!"

On its release the ten tracks on the 'Please dissolve in this' CD will be accompanied by three additional web-only tracks released in MP3 format. Working tracks for this release, the web-only MP3s have a related, but distinct aesthetic - expansive yet minimal.

Donohoe (Minimise, Force Inc.) is a Dublin based artist, musician and graphic designer. To date he has released two albums, several EPs and contributed numerous compilation tracks and remixes for labels including Mille-Plateaux. Donohoe has performed internationally alongside artists including: Carsten Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider, Thomas Brinkmann and Donnacha Costello.

With Donnacha Costello, Peter Maybury and Dennis McNulty he is a member of Serverproject, a live laptop improvisation group performing site-specific networked sound installations.

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