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An Oeuf Korreckt archive offering an overview of Frederick Blouin's audio experiments from 1995 till the present, 'Podweek' touches on a number of points of reference: early, unfolded, Autechre; Black Dog Productions; Speedy J; B12; in fact, most Warp output circa its hugely popular 'Artificial Intelligence' Series.

David Turgeon's insightful liner notes place Oeuf Korreckt's overlooked output firmly within this pantheon, arguing that this selection is, "important not only in the context of Blouin's own musical development, but also as part of a broader history of electronic music". It's hard to disagree with this concise definition of an album whose content places it firmly at the crossroads of this period of intensely fertile electronic musical development.

'Resem One' features the hyper-distilled squelch of Aphex Twin circa his 'Richard D. James' album (a glance at the respective release dates - both 1996 - comes as no surprise). 'Before Bedtime' meanwhile recalls the clipped melodies of Black Dog's 'Spanners' (again similar release dates, again no surprise).

It's hard to resist these musical comparisons, the overlaps are striking and the comparisons are testament to the fact that the quality of the tracks throughout are superb. A fascinating backwards glance and a long-overdue opportunity to set the record straight, 'Podweek' sounds as fresh now as it surely must have done when its varied tracks were first released.


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