Chris Clark | Ceramics is the Bomb

Warp | EP CD

Richard James' influence is unmistakable, but don't let this put you off, this is no cheap imitation. Quite the contrary, Chris Clark has a distinctive voice of his own. Childlike melodies sit comfortably atop hoarse breakbeats, a marriage made in heaven featuring a healthy dose of hell.

Clark's opening track - aptly titled 'The Gavel' - summarises 'Ceramics is the Bomb's' neat contradictions: AFX era acid loops, the hollow warmth of a distant church bell chiming in some sleepy English village, all wrapped up in shuffling breakbeats. By 'Slow Spines' Clark's shifted gear, hyper-distilled gabba on 33 1/3 replete with abstract vocals which neatly segues into the delicate, child-like beauty of 'Frost Investigation'.

'Ceramics is the Bomb' is an elegant introduction to a fresh talent, or essential addition to a Warp completist's list. Whichever, it's no surprise to see Clark's name appearing on so many 'Best of...' 2003 lists, his deft electronic workouts demonstrate serious ability in a field all too often populated by pale imitators.


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