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Mandelbrot Set n. Math. a particular set of complex numbers which has a highly convoluted fractal boundary when plotted. [B. B. Mandelbrot, Polish born American mathematician (b. 1924)]

Autechre's folded grooves have been following an arc of exponentially impossible complexity ever since the twisted strains of 'Tri Repetae' signalled a shift towards inward collapse in 1995. 'Gantz_Graf' catapults their experiments with sound and visuals into a seamless work of extreme beauty and complexity.

Unlike the majority of bolted-on imagery that often accompanies electronica, the visual accompaniment to 'Gantz_Graf' is about as analogous to the audio as one could imagine. A series of 3D explorations that pulsate and rupture in perfect time to the twisted shards of audio, the visuals are the perfect reflection of the complex audio strains that Autechre wrench from their algorithms.

The tight integration between sound and visuals was apparently gained by director Alexander Rutterford hand animating the majority of the video to sync it perfectly with the audio. His hard work, virtuosity and the sheer level of his precision shows clearly. If only all audio/visual works were this good.


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