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Tone Language are Lee Norris (better known for his work as Metamatics on Clear) and Japanese brothers Ichiro and Kenji Taniguchi (frantic-sampling-meets-spacious-flotation duo Reflection). The fruits of their collaboration as Tone Language is the aptly-titled 'Patience is the Key' which features twelve slow motion tracks of post-Oval glitch.

Comparisons could certainly be drawn with Oval (circa 'Do While') and there are undoubtedly similarities, but Tone Language, if anything, allow their melodies to unfold at a far smoother and sedate pace. Like the embers of a dying fire each track crackles and glows, unfolding gently and elegantly.

The opening track 'Ocean' hovers atop a distant beat that always seems tantalisingly just beyond grasp while 'The Robot Sparrows' underpins a hesitant rhythm with the softest of basslines that smoulders gently, but insistently. The ease with which Tone Language's works unfolds is mesmeric; by only the fourth track 'A Plants Day in Stages' hours seem to have elapsed yet only minutes have passed.

This is music to get effortlessly lost within: warm, absorbing and perfectly formed.


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