Tu m' | Blue in Green

Aesova | 2 x 3

Nature, organic, might constitute the underlying theme for the excellent 'Blue in Green' by Italian duo Tu m'.

Tu m' seem to fit best in the world of loosely structured, abstract, glitch-based electronics similar to works by well known and recognised artists like Pimmon, Motion and, at moments, Richard Chartier. 'Blue in Green' appears focused on the theme of nature, but remains sensitive to past accomplishments including their recent release for French label Cut, '01'.

Comprising two 3" CDRs - one tilted 'Blue', the other 'Green' - and with a total play time of thirty eight minutes and ninety eight seconds, the average track time is around seven minutes. Each track moves the listener through various sonic fields of textured noise and rhythms. Expect to hear soft tones, organic rhythms and soft field recordings lovingly processed with an exact ear for detail.

Overall Tu m' manage to balance a wide variety of sounds, rhythms, textures, tones, noise and silence into a pleasant freeform set of tracks that place the viewer into a tiny active world that feels like a spring day after the rain out in the countryside.


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