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"The copy was believed crucial to academic education; from copying works of past artists one would assimilate their methods of art making ... becoming familiar with the principles of contour, light, and shade."

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It would be easy to label '3 (Minority Of 1)' as a clear homage to early Aphex, but this would only be half the story. There's no question Mr 76IX (the otherwise anonymous P. Wood) incorporates influences by artists like AFX, Autechre, Bola and Gescom, however, the deft hand behind these mixes clearly evidences more than a mere copyist. The artists who have unquestionably inspired Wood are slowly left behind, from their combined influences emerging a singular talent.

'3 (Minority Of 1)' spans a variety of genres, tied together seamlessly. Across 18 tracks Wood demonstrates an unquestionable talent. Tracks veer from condensed to expanded: 'Sex Myself', 37 carefully crafted seconds, solid, not a redundant note or beat out of place; 'Woden's Phallus'/'Time Cycle', conjoined to create eight vibrant minutes, contrasting a blistering core of meticulously built beats with a drifting-stacato closing melody.

A series of carefully buttressed styles characterises what might, at first listen, appear a fragmented work. On closer inspection, however, the tracks that comprise '3 (Minority Of 1)' are tightly intertwined, self referencing and neatly woven.

Closing with an exhilarating tapestry, seven eclectic tracks effortlessly cutting across genres, collaged with virtuoso perfection: '9': elegantly condensed harmony; 'Wordless Aeon': stuttering breakbeats; 'RV Human++': brittle gabba; 'Battle Bots': lively patterns (a more subdued rendering of Wood's exuberant live version); 'Romanticism': folded beauty; 'Cartoon Dreamz', elastic rhythms reminiscent of Mike and Rich's 'Expert Knob Twiddlers'; and 'Games People Play', four final minutes of flawless fun.



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