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CD–I + MP3 Loops + PDF + M3U | F.0010.0001

Christophe Behrens | RISC Object Oriented Audio.

Following 1998's ultra-minimal 'Polymer' Behrens explores the construction of complex themes through the use of small, internet-distribution-friendly components.

A CD-I featuring 64 audio files and a data partition containing additional MP3s, graphic scores in PDF format, TXT files and MP3 playlists in M3U format. 'RISC' puts the final playing order in the hands of the listener. Mix and match audio. Drag and drop sound.

What is RISC?

In the mid-1970's computer designers began to look at ways computer performance could be optimized beyond just making faster hardware. One result was RISC - Reduced Instruction Set Computing. The Basis for RISC is the use of simple instructions; one of the key realizations being that a sequence of simple instructions produces the same result as a sequence of complex instructions, but can be implemented with a simpler (and faster) hardware design.

What are RISC’s characteristics?

A simple instruction set: In a RISC machine, the instruction set contains simple, basic instructions, from which more complex instructions can be composed.

Same length instructions: Each instruction is the same length, so that it may be fetched in a single operation.

One machine-cycle instructions: Most instructions complete in one machine cycle, which allows the processor to handle several instructions at the same time.

RISC was only released to Fällt's Critics and Promotion List. After supplying the masters, including over 256 audio fragments in AIFF and MP3 format, numerous graphic scores in PDF format, TXT files, and a staggering 1,024 playlists (with the audio fragments looped and combined in different formats), Behrens requested Fällt archive the material unreleased.

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