Christophe Behrens | Polymer

CDR | F.0002.0001

Christophe Behrens | Polymer Behrens' first release for Fällt, 'Polymer' was released in 1997.

Exploring the generation of complex musical 'molecules' through the polymerization of component musical 'atoms' 'Polymer's' five tracks vary in length from a vapourous eighteen minutes to a super-distilled 14 seconds. Behrens' folds and re-folds, edits and loops to create a suite of tracks which bond together to form a carefully considered macro-composition.

'C-(CH2)4-C-NH-(CH2)6-NH' (the chemical formula for nylon) unfurls slowly as loops are stretched and distorted Autechre-like to reveal new sounds lurking almost beyond the limits of audibility. In sharp contrast '(CH2)6' distills a solitary component into an ultra-refined series of clicks and cuts which finally dissolves into an infinite crackle, fading out as if still continuing at some sub-atomic level.

Behrens was an early contributing editor of Fällt, his influential 'Compresion Series' touring widely showing at some of the world's leading galleries. His RISC CD-I was released and immediately deleted on Fällt in 2001 and remains to this day unavailable.

In late 1999 a simultaneous hard-drive and DAT backup failure resulted in the loss of the sole digital masters for both Christophe Behrens' 'Polymer' and Anton van Leewenhoek's 'Botany'. If you are the owner of one of the original 100 copies of either of these releases, please contact Fällt.

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