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Italian duo Tu m' - Rossano Polidoro and Emiliano Romanelli, whose moniker is taken from Marcel Duchamp's last painting 'Tu m'' (1918) - have deservedly risen to prominence with celebrated works on Cut, ERS/Staalplaat and Aesova.

Frequent collaborators - they have released works with Steve Roden and form two thirds of Steno with Frank Metzger (ex Oval) - their work is characterised by a heavily tempered attention to detail, glitches harnessed and put to work within beautifully analogue sonic frameworks.

Polidoro and Romanelli are true innovators in a genre that's often characterised by homogeneity, a fact that is clearly underlined by the critical acclaim with which their delicate audio sculptures have been received.

Fällt's first collaboration with Tu m' was 'Pop Involved [Version 3.0]', the second release in Fällt burn-to-order sub-label Ferric.

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