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Bovine Life (Chris Dooks) has received widespread critical acclaim. He has released works on an international spectrum of independent labels including: BiP-HOp, Sulphur and Social Electrics.

His Social Electrics project has featured collaborations with some of the world's leading artists working within the field of electronica including: The Third Eye Foundation [Domino, Fat Cat], Köhn [(K-RAA-K)3], Komet [12k, Raster-Noton] and Future Pilot AKA [Domino].

Fällt began collaborating with Bovine Life in 2001 and have released a number of works by him including 'Reciprocess + / vs. Volume 1', a collaboration with Komet, released as a split label release on Fällt/BiP-HOp. Dooks also contributed to the 'Gizmo Variations'.

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