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In addition to their work as artists "realizing projects in the plastic and audio arts", Alejandra and Aeron run the influential Lucky Kitchen label. They state: "Lucky Kitchen is an award-winning, independent publisher of fine arts and media including audio art, electronic music, documentary, and contemporary composition. The platform disregards traditional boundaries while celebrating traditional practices."

In 2002 Alejandra and Aeron received an Award of Distinction in the category Digital Musics, for 'The Tale of Pip' and (Re)visionland which the Prix Ars jury described as: "A tale, illustrated with a story-like audio composition. This composition includes acoustic and digital movements that blend to such a degree that they cancel each other out, becoming a third audio state: organic digital".

Alejandra and Aeron have contributed to a number of releases at Fällt, notably contributing a portrait of Logrono as part of the touring installation 'Invisible Cities'. Additionally, Alejandra and Aeron created 'Christmas in The Empire' a short suite of tracks published digitally and released to coincide with Christmas, 2003.

In addition to 'The Tale of Pip', Alejandra and Aeron's many other releases and those of others on their Lucky Kitchen imprint are reviewed extensivley in Fällt periodical %Array.

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