Lawrence English | MAP51F9

Room 40 | 3

A beautifully packaged 3" CD housed in a full sized DVD jewel case with metallic printed artwork on heavy tracing paper. As an object alone 'MAP51F9' is highly desirable. The fragment of audio captured on the enclosed 3" CD is no less appealing.

Seventeen minutes of shimmering heat haze electronics and processed field recordings unfold gently, swallowing the surrounding environment. Patterns slowly evolve from the hiss of a thousand cicadas, immersing the listener in the white heat of an Australian summer's day. Occasionally a voice emerges from the mist of sound only to be pulled back under after a brief assertion. Rhythm and drones surface periodically, but overall the effect is one of quiet and restraint.

A solitary track easily greater than the sum of it's parts, 'MAP51F9' is a beautiful piece well worth searching out.


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