Fennesz/Rosy Parlane | Live

Synaesthesia | 3

The fruits of another opportunisitic encounter in Australia from earlier this year; Mego meets Sigma Editions with two tracks to show for it. The music almost certainly reflects the congenial mood of the live situation. It's hardly a sound clash and neither track is at all hard on the ears (far from it, in fact).

In track 1 Fennesz's laptop (presumably) witters away on top, replete with trademark twitch it propels the music forward with loops which hint at rhythm. Underneath a descending synth line creates billows and swells which lap at the periphery. Suggestive of the deep, or depths, it has the effect of drawing the listener forward and into the music. Track 2 is a more sedate affair and almost dub-like at times. Amps hum on standby whilst a repeated refrain ushers in more thrum and sizzle.

A pleasing momento for those fortunate enough to be there. A heart-warming postcard for all of us who weren't.


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