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The Aesova label, specialising in 3" CDRs, appears to be gathering momentum. Recent releases from the likes of John Hudak and Frans de Waard have been coming in quick succession and several more are already slated. Now might be a good time then to take a look at label-founder K. Michael Babcock's Alluvion project and in particular his own Aesova release 'Alluvium2'.

Here, as elsewhere (Cf. his contribution to the Tu m' archive @, Alluvion presents a microscopic sound universe filled to the brim and very much at ease with itself. With stated aims of exploring the hidden sounds of everyday objects, what meets the ears then is what I assume to be contact-mic'd micro-incident.

'Alluvium2' drifts by in episodic fashion and along the way takes in brownian crackle and the quiet roar of solar wind, harmonic bowing and organic timpani, shimmer and buzz. In the end it returns to where it began and thus wraps up a pleasing macro-/micro-whole. To these ears a fine composition worth seeking out.

'Alluvium1' can be found on Bake Records and 'Alluvium3' is soon to be released on BOXmedia.


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