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An audio/visual fesitval bringing together some of Europe's leading digital musicians and visual artists 'Protocol' was scheduled to take place in April 2001, but was unfortunately cancelled due to last minute complications over public and private sector funding.

We hope to revive the idea at some point in the future and were delighted to bring Scanner, Stephan Mathieu, and Mikael Stavöstrand w/ Alorenz to Belfast as part of Visonic Festival for a one night Fällt Showcase in 2004.

The final line up for Protocal was confirmed as follows:

Audio | Live + DJs

  • Fennesz [Mego/Touch]
  • Pita [Mego, Alku]
  • The Herbaliser [Ninja Tune]
  • Stock, Hausen and Walkman [These Records]
  • Stephan Mathieu [Ritornell/Fällt]
  • Alejandra and Aeron [Lucky Kitchen/Orthlorng Musork]
  • Donnacha Costello [Force Inc./Mille Plateaux]
  • Maersk
  • Arrisnatchoff

Visual | Installation + VJs

  • Tina Frank [Mego/Staubgold]
  • Alorenz [Ritornell/Staalplaat/TigerBeat6]
  • Fehler [Fällt/BiP-HOp]
  • Taylor Deupree [12k/Happy]
  • SND [Mille Plateaux]
  • Richard Chartier [LINE, Intransitive]
  • Qubo Gas [Skipp, DAT Politics]
  • Pfadfinderei [Labstyle]

'Protocol' was to be the launch of '35 mm » Design in Miniature' and paved the way for realising this project.

Fällt are grateful to Pete and Sinead O'Neill for their financial support in creating this installation which has gone on to tour internationally exhibiting in Montreal, Naples, Sheffield, Valetta and Gothenbrg. Without their personal support the realisation of this work would not have been possible.

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