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Following his experiments with JPEG compression algorithms (The Compression Series) and Color Look Up Tables (CLUT), Christophe Behrens attention turned towards the presentation of imagery using only Hexadecimal references.

Amongst other computing uses, Hexadecimal is used to specify colours on web pages. "24 bit color is represented in the format #RRGGBB, where RR specifies the value of the Red component of the color, GG the Green component and BB the Blue component." (Wikipedia) The following series - #EFCDBE, #F3D3C5, #F0C3AE, #D89F80, #AB7750, #925E35 - is for example a run of pixels in the header image (above).

A cross between Warhol's paint by numbers works and the wall paintings of Sol LeWitt these works have exhibited as temporary murals, large scale works which, like LeWitt's, can be applied by anyone following a detailed plan and precise instructions.

Paint by number was invented by Palmer's Paint Company. A popular American hobby in the 1950s … the kits and paintings are being recognized as collector's items (and even art) today. A version is still enjoyed by children.

In informal usage, the term "paint by numbers" can be used as an adjective meaning unoriginal, clichéd, or trite.


Where Warhol's works were, as paintings, limited to only a select market, Behrens, inspired by the democratic possibilities inherent in LeWitt's works, intends his works to be freely available.

We are currently developing a number of murals for distribution in PDF format as free downloads which will be released as part of the ongoing process of making archived works available.

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