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Fällt press adverts have always given over a sizeable proportion of space to artists to experiment in: to create visual breathing spaces within print media; spaces designed for artists and designers to play with.

We initiated 'Offset' after Fällt designers Fehler were invited to contribute #31 to D-Fuse's hugely successful 'advertisement-based' gallery series initiated in The Wire in the late 90s. The series, which ultimately numbered 120 contributors, proved commercially successful exhibiting internationally. D-Fuse state:

"For the past six years D-Fuse has donated a one page full colour advertisement in various magazines to artists, musicians and like-minded people to explore the traditional print medium.

"Normally a highly commercial commodity, the page is a free art space where no constraints or preconditions are placed on the artist as regards the nature of material or the creative process employed by the artist."

Inspired by D-Fuse's willingness to invite designers to showcase their work in a gallery space with a difference 'Offset' seemed a natural extension of our work blurring the lines between limited editions and widely available artworks.

Additional influence was provided by designer Nick Bell (Eye, Nick Bell Design) in an article in Emigre (Issue 22, 1992) proposing the insertion of 'Humm' spaces within traditional print media. Bell states:

"Humm is a label given to an ever growing set of typographical compositions.

"For Humm, designers are asked to provide typographical compositions that will hopefully receive scattered and isolated publication within another publication: a magazine, a newspaper, a programme, a catalogue … any publication that agrees to donate a space for Humm compositions."

Inspired by these ideas we established 'Offset' as a breathing space for artists and designers to explore, propose new works, remix old works, and, free from commercial restraint, play.

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