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24 x CD Players, Headphones and 24 x 5 Minute Audio Loops/MP3 | F.0037.0000

Location: 51° 84' N, 5° 85' E
Time Zone: A | CET | UTC/GMT +1 Hour
Airports: 0
Inhabitants: 155,200

All sounds contained in this piece were recorded on my rather noisy bicyle. As my bicycle is always in Nijmegen, I opted for a personal, rather than social picture of the city. Being born there, in 1998 I bought a house with my partner, but in 2000 the relationship ended and I moved out. Over the following two years, I went back and forth to my old address to take care of my daughter. This ended in August 2002, when my daughter left Nijmegen and my active role as a father ended.

The house was sold and on my final day of being there, I went back on my bicycle and recorded the source material while going to my own house - a small ride of seven minutes as opposed to future journeys of several hours. On the soundpiece I transformed the sounds, keeping in mind the various curves and roads I followed. Two days later I had my bicyle fixed and it’s now silent again.

Frans de Waard started playing around with sound in 1980, forming his ongoing audio project Kapotte Muziek in 1984. Kapotte Muziek currently comprises de Waard, Peter Duimelinks and Roel Meelkop, both of whom are also members of the trio Goem.

His numerous other projects include Beequeen and Wander (together with Freek Kinkelaar), and many solo projects including Freiband, Shifts and Quest. De Waard releases a small portion of his work under his own name for specific sound projects. He has released works on a number of independent record labels including, among others, Staalplaat, Ritornell, Raster Music, Noise Museum, Beta Lactum Ring, Bottrop Boy and Fällt.

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