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24 x CD Players, Headphones and 24 x 5 Minute Audio Loops/MP3 | F.0037.0000

Location: 45° 30' N, 73° 30' W
Time Zone: R | EST | UTC/GMT -5 Hours
Airports: 4
Inhabitants: 1,812,723

Inspired by the island principle, we suspended a microphone in the centre of a receptacle of water so that its membrane was completely submerged. Engulfed, the microphone was more sensitive to the vibrations of basements, the friction created by invisible movements and the undulating micro-movements of the water in its receptacle.

For five days, we positioned this device at every contact point governing communication between Montreal and the rest of the planet; meaning bridges, stations, bus terminuses, airports, metros, electromagnetic waves (radio). We travelled throughout Montreal’s 30 underground kilometres and ended on its highest point: Mount Royal. A second microphone ensured ambient sound recording.

skoltz_kolgen is a Montréal-based bicephalous plurimedia creation cell whose core members are Herman W. Kolgen and Dominique T Skoltz. For six years the leitmotiv of their multi-facetted work, research and creation activities has been to explore intersections between sound and image.

The resulting aural and visual concoctions are multilayered and aesthetically charged, exploring the confrontation and tension between carbon and silicon based cultures. skoltz_kolgen’s development of of innovative digital techniques and tools (such as the auto-generative, deconstructive and random-behaviour midi interfaces - optiK and fotocinétik) has given rise to a dense and ecclectic body of work that intermingles soundscapes, experimental films and multi-channel installations.

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