Akira Rabelais | Los Angeles

24 x CD Players, Headphones and 24 x 5 Minute Audio Loops/MP3 | F.0037.0000

Location: 34° 05' N, 118° 22' W
Time Zone: U | PST (PT) | UTC/GMT -8 Hours
Airports: 12
Inhabitants: 3,832,800

The piece is a simple sound recording made from placing a microphone on the 'Hollywood' sign… and some small bits from an adjacent gate.

I wanted to make a piece that said 'Hollywood'… something that would express its ironic desolation and emptiness. Sound recording this landmark was the means most direct.

Se nourrissant souvent de fèves liquides et tout à fait semblables à des feuilles endormies, voici mes sept sœurs ensemble.

"An intellectual pioneer as much as anything else, raised in South Texas, one of his childhood pastimes involved shooting metal plates with BB Guns so that he could experience the unique sound that it caused. That fascination with sound, combined with a philosophical and literary bent helped lay the path for his musical creations."

Stacia Proefrock, www.allmusic.com

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