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When Fällt curator Christopher Murphy first approached me about holding an exhibition of sonic art in the Naughton Gallery as part of Belfast Festival at Queen’s 2002 I considered the proposal with some apprehension. Sound Art is difficult to define, it can seem esoteric and inaccessible, and it is notoriously difficult to exhibit in a gallery setting.

In exploring the practicalities of mounting this exhibition I became intrigued and energised by the convergence of art practice which appears to render traditional definitions of art forms meaningless and the acceptance of this was tremendously liberating.

Not since the advent of photography has technology caused such a revolution in the conception, production and dissemination of art. The advent of digital recording and reproduction and the accessibility of the internet have not only increased the tools available to artists but have, more importantly, changed forever the way they think and therefore resolve and communicate ideas.

The diversity of the work by the major international artists included in ‘Invisible Cities’ is testament to this leap of imagination.

The generosity and camaraderie of the artists involved in the project has been a revelation together with their mutual support and their determination to bring their work to as wide an audience as possible. This project would not have happened without the unflagging enthusiasm of Christopher Murphy, whose encyclopaedic knowledge of the genre and personal professionalism is embodied in this piece.

The project has opened up a whole new network of relationships, virtual and actual and my thanks and appreciation are also extended to Stella Hall, Director of Belfast festival at Queen’s and Professor Michael Alcorn, Director of the University’s Sonic Arts Research Centre for their advice and encouragement.

Shan McAnena, Curator of Art, Queen's University, Belfast
October 2002

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