Lawrence English | Brisbane

24 x CD Players, Headphones and 24 x 5 Minute Audio Loops/MP3 | F.0037.0000

Location: 27° 30' S, 153° 00' E
Time Zone: K | AEST | UTC/GMT +10 Hours
Airports: 1
Inhabitants: 1,538,000

'Brisbane' subtitled 'Incidentals' is an audio work composed entirely of field recordings collected in and around Brisbane, Australia. It captures the sounds of the city that are invisible or simply go unnoticed by those inhabiting it.

These sounds are often assumed to be the commonplace and the mundane - a train's pressurised door, a pedestrian crossing signal, a sprinkler, a lost radio transmission - upon closer inspection though, these audio fragments bare a unique and telling quality and act as a map to the hidden and forgotten environments that surround us all.

Lawrence English is a writer, composer and artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Currently involved in a number of music and art projects, he has previously recorded with the author Nick Earls; improvised film scores for several International Film Festivals; composed works for Backbone's Pulse theatre troupe; worked alongside didgeridoo players from the Gubbi Gubbi people; designed cover artwork for the William S. Burroughs' book 'Unforgettable Characters'; and has undertaken improvised performances with several notable artists including Scanner, David Toop, DJ Olive and Philip Samartzis.

Amongst other projects English is currently developing a net streaming studio, composing a vinyl score for the New York based Phonomena label and is curating Fabrique at Brisbane Powerhouse. English also runs the multi-arts organisation and imprint ::room40::.

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