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Format n. and v. –n. 1 the shape and size of a book, periodical, etc. 2 the style or manner of an arrangement or procedure. 3 Computing a defined structure for holding data etc. in a record for processing or storage. (formatted, formatting) 1 arrange or put into a format. 2 Computing prepare (a storage medium) to receive data. [F f. G f. L formatus (liber) shaped (book), past part. of formare FORM]

As music moves from LP to CD to MP3, what next for packaging so long central to the music industry? ‘Format’, delivered via Grafik magazine and, explores alternative audio/visual distribution models: printed inserts delivered via advertising spaces coupled with audio delivered free online.

The printed inserts for the first edition of 'Format' will be available in the February issue of Grafik magazine [No. 160] in an edition of 13,300 copies, with audio distributed online.

Challenging the music industry not to abandon packaging, audio is now available for free download in 320 KBPs MP3 format. Download audio:

  1. Tonne | Paper/Pixels
  2. Taylor Deupree | Silver Trees
  3. FourColor | sets02
  4. Tangtype | don’t feed blue, see everything through rose coloured spectacles
  5. The Focus Group | The Merkey Sound
  6. 3.14... | 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971... [Roseoviridis Mix by Joe Gilmore]
  7. Joe Gilmore | Beskerminge Strykvernis Verwerk [9.86960... Mix by 3.14...]
  8. steinbrüchel | b|ton
  9. Hard Sleeper | Linear tape/recorded some Sunday/rim-shot/slow-fall
  10. Lawrence English | Inside From Above

The artists contributing audio to this compilation are all designers moving freely between visual and audio design. Individually and collectively they represent a wealth of talent with all releasing their work on independent labels worldwide - 3.14... (1,024, Fällt), Taylor Deupree (12k, Mille Plateaux), Lawrence English (Room 40), FourColor (12k, Apestaartje), Joe Gilmore (LINE, Cut), Hard Sleeper (Emigre, Sub Rosa), Julian House (Ghost Box), steinbrüchel (LINE, Synchron), Tangtype (Notype) and Tonne (BiP-HOp, Klitekture).

Fallt Publishing + Grafik Magazine

Fällt are grateful to the following for their help and support in realising this project:3.14..., Taylor Deupree, Lawrence English, FourColor, Joe Gilmore, Julian House, Softsleeper, Ralph Steinbruchel, Tangtype and Tonne; Stefan Ketelsen at Grafik; Fehler; and W. Conrad Röntgen at Fällt.

'b|ton' features sounds based on guitar recordings by Daisuke Miyatani.

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