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Based in Dobbs Ferry, New York, John Hudak creates sonic distillations of the sounds that surround him in his everyday life. The sounds that result from his manipulations retain the essence of the original sounds, but transform them into ghost-like afterimages.

With releases on Touch ('Ringtones') and Ash International ('A Fault in the Nothing', 'Decay'); Spekk; Intransitive Recordings; and Aesova, Hudak has firmly established himself within the field of contemporary electronic composition.

Hudak's interest in change and constancy led to the creation of 'Currents'. The work consists of 30 x 30 second samples all derived from one sample of electric hum. The samples randomly fade in and out, one at a time - clicking on a sample number will favour that particular sample and influence the unfolding and evolving soundscape.

'Currents' is best listened to with headphones, but equally creates a mesmerising background for varied activities.

'Currents' is Hudak's first collaboration with Fällt. Visual design and programming for 'Currents' was created by erational.

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