Anton van Leewenhoek | Botany

CDR | F.0004.0001

Anton van Leewenhoek | Botany A study in microscopic sound (cf. Mego, Oval, etc.), Van Leewenhoek's 'Botany' is an exercise in sprawling electronica which was released to widespread critical acclaim in 1998.

Taking as it's root the Linnaeus system for plant classification, Van Leewenhoek's compositions range from the filigree tendrils of 'Orchis Militaris' to the lumbering weightiness of 'Metasequoia Glyptostroboides'.

Following the success of 'Botany', Fällt commissioned him to re-visit his early tape-based experiments and prepare them for re-release as a quadruple CD. Tragically van Leewenhoek died in late 1999 in mid-project having only completed half the masters. Fällt hope to release a 2CD boxed set in the near future as a tribute to his singular vision.

In late 1999 a simultaneous hard-drive and DAT backup failure resulted in the loss of the sole digital masters for both Anton van Leewenhoek's 'Botany' and Christophe Behrens' 'Polymer'. If you are the owner of one of the original 100 copies of either of these releases, please contact Fällt.

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