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Fehler | Baudot Based on early 5 bit 'paper tape', 'Baudot' is a two bank, sixteen step sequencer which allows the user to build visual patterns for the rapid generation of audio loops. The piece extends ongoing investigation into the development of coding systems and their specific visual qualities.

When played a tape head passes horizontally across a user-definable tape and samples are triggered depending on the on/off state of the tape. With no explicit instructions, 'Baudot' encourages the user to experiment and play with settings and discover different possibilities.

'Baudot' further develops Fällt designers Fehler's fascination with both coding systems and sound and begins a shift towards the development of self-contained systems built using Macromedia's Flash MX 2004 and Native Instruments' Reaktor 4.0.

'Baudot' was commissioned by Neville Brody and Adrian Shaughnessy for Interact1, a pioneering collaboration between Playstation 2 and London College of Communication.

Intended as "a forward-looking exploration of the future shape of graphic design and visual communication. [Interact1 was] a satellite exhibition of Communicate, the Barbican's 40 year retrospective of independent British graphic design, bringing together some of the UK's foremost working designers, educators and students to showcase some of the revolutionary design innovations which will shape our world in the 21st Century."

Adrian Shaughnessy writes:

"Designer Christopher Murphy, working as part of the collective Fehler, is based in N. Ireland. He is a striking example of the self-motivated designer. Designers complain about lack of opportunities - Murphy creates his own opportunities. Designers complain about the overwhelming dominance of London - Murphy proves you can do great work anywhere. Murphy writes his own script. This is what I like about him. He runs Fällt, the experimental record label, in his spare time. His melding of sound and vision is, well, visionary."

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