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Pimmon | Assembler Assembler n. 1 a person who assembles a machine or its parts. 2 Computing a a program for converting instructions written in low-level symbolic code into machine code. b the low-level symbolic code itself; an assembly language.

'Assembler' is Sydney based artist Pimmon's first release on Fällt. His past releases have included 12"s on both Fat Cat and ERS; solo CDs on (K-RAA-K)3 and Meme; a live recording on Ritornell (with Pita, Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi and Keith Rowe) and an MP3-only release on Mego sub-label Fals.ch.

Comprising four separate components, 'Assembler' was conceived from the outset to be an ongoing release which pushed beyond the confines of a standalone CD. In addition to the core CD component, MP3 files, SimpleTextAudio™ by Japanese Media Artist and Fällt contributing editor Otaku Yakuza, and Graphic Scores by Fällt designers Fehler (who also designed 'Assember's' packaging), are available at the 'Assembler' website for free download.

Twelve static-soaked compositions which work both independently and as a suite, 'Assembler' is cinematic in both scope and execution. The most exquisite melodies are buried under dense layers of static which, like diamonds hidden within silt, reward close listening. Veering from the trademark stuttering pulses of the opening '%macro.prologue' to the gently unravelling fanfare of 'xlat' it reaches a peak in the buried melodies of 'repeat', which Mego's Pita described simply as, "Fine stuff!"

'Assembler' is an ongoing release which features web-based mixes and audio patches by a variety of collaborators. Past additions to this have included Fehler vs. Pimmon's 'The Diazepam Suite', currently playing at rand()%.

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