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That Frans de Waard is a cornerstone of contemporary electronic music is unquestioned. He has maintained a relentless release schedule, and operates under an expansive variety of guises - he has published work as Freiband (Ritornell, Term, Bottrop Boy), Goem (Raster Music, Mego) and Shifts (Meme, Korm Plastics, Elsie and Jack Recordings), in addition to numerous other aliases (Kapotte Muziek, Surge…).

A founding member of the influential Staalplaat label, distributor and shop, de Waard has played a key role in the dissemination of electronic music globally, not least in his role as editor and publisher of Vital Weekly.

In addition to his 'invalidObject Series' release as part of trio Goem, Frans de Waard contributed a portrait of Nijmegen to 'Invisible Cities'.

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