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At first glance a curt one liner, V/Vm (James Kirby) has carefully and painstakingly crafted a mythical persona that is nothing less than wholeheartedly critical of the 'independent' independent music scene.

Kirby's letters to Warp(EMI) and wholesale tongue-in-cheek revisionist versions of popular classics - Sex You Up, Take My Beef Away… - have carved out a solid niche in an industry often associated with "sycophantic musings" (Tentative).

Whilst many will wish to write off V/Vm as an aberrant nuisance, their contribution to audio culture - particularly through a relentless 2006 release schedule ('V/Vm 365') underpinned by Creative Commons licenses - will undoubtedly ensure their place in history.

V/Vm first collaborated with Fällt to release 'invalidObject Series (if)' in 2000's acclaimed 'invalidObject Series'.

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