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Renowned audio/visual artist Tonne (Paul Farrington) has been described by The Wire as an "interactive software visionary". His interactive 'soundtoys', which he has created for Depeche Mode, Mute and Moby, have set the benchmark for music 'packaging' in a post-print landscape.

Farrington's audio has also featured on numerous labels worldwide including BiP-HOp and Klitekture. His 'Soundtoy' CD - a collaboration with Scanner, si-cut.db, and Hakan Libdo - was a precursor to many similar audio/visual experiments, suggesting possible audio futures.

His first collaboration with Fällt was the Fehler curated 'Apocrypha' which exhibited in Naples as part of electronic arts festival Sintesi. He also released the first in Fällt's series of Quarterly Exclusives, limited edition MP3s, available exclusively online via Fällt.

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