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Montreal based duo skoltz_kolgen - Dominique T Skoltz and Herman W Kolgen - span a variety of disciplines. Their works have included installations, performances, kinetic pieces and photographic, pictorial and sound objects, all are characterised by ruthless attention to detail.

skoltz_kolgen state: "skoltz_kolgen is a Montréal-based bicephalous plurimedia creation cell … for six years the leitmotiv of their multi-facetted work, research and creation activities has been to explore intersections between sound and image.

"The resulting aural and visual concoctions are multilayered and aesthetically charged, exploring the confrontation and tension between carbon and silicon based cultures. skoltz_kolgen’s development of of innovative digital techniques and tools (such as the auto-generative, deconstructive and random-behaviour midi interfaces - optiK and fotocinétik) has given rise to a dense and ecclectic body of work that intermingles soundscapes, experimental films and multi-channel installations."

The duo first collaborated with Fällt to create an audio portrait of Monteal as part of the touring installation 'Invisible Cities'.

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