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Akira Rabelais is a Texas born, Los Angeles based composer and software developer. Since studying with computer scientists Bill Dixon and Tom Erbe he's been coding esoteric and eccentric sound and graphic software and recording his own music.

His first, self-published album 'Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid' was re-released on Mille Plateaux sub-label Ritornell, where it was described as: "a very reduced and refined aesthetic, [working] with very small sounds to create tranquil click-laden soundscapes."

Rabelais states: "I'm a composer writing software, not an engineer making music."

Rabelais created the popular sound tool Argeïphontes Lyre which is a firm favourite of a variety of electronic composers including Stephan Mathieu, Kim Cascone, Scanner and Terre Thaemlitz.

Since 1999 he has maintained www.akirarabelais.com, a conceptually rigorous web space which ties together a broad spectrum of references including: the I Ching; the Library of Babel; exquistely crafted photo-mosaics; and numerous references, arcane and otherwise.

Fällt collaborated with Rabelais on 2000s 'invalidObject Series (void)', he also contributed contributed a portrait of Los Angeles as part of the touring installation 'Invisible Cities'.

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