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Cascone's work has received widespread critical acclaim and he has released works on an international spectrum of indpendent labels including: Ritornell, Raster-Noton,, 12k, Cycling ’74 and Sub Rosa.

Widely recognised as a pioneer within the field of microscopic sound (a category cemented in 1999 by the release of 'Microsocopic Sound' [Caipirinha] curated by Taylor Deupree), Cascone was instrumental in establishing the .microsound mailing list, a lively hub around which a variety of noted artists including Stephan Mathieu, Taylor Deupree and Richard Chartier accumulated at the turn of the millennium.

Fällt began collaborating with Kim Cascone in 2000 and have released numerous works by him including: 'invalidObject Series (delete)' in 2000's acclaimed 'invalidObject Series'; and 'Dust Theories', a series of recombinant visuals to accompany an audio installation by Cascone entitled 'Residualism'.

'Parasites' - Cascone's follow up to his 'Pulsar Studies' on Mego offshoot - was reviewed in Fällt's periodical %Array.

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