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Since the release of his debut album 'A Hundred Dry Trees' on Intr.Version, Brussels based aMute (Jérôme Deuson) has toured extensively, established Stilll, an idiosynratic Brussels based label, and received widespread critical acclaim.

'The Sea Horse Limbo', Deuson's follow up release on Intr.Version, was described by The Wire as "a beauty as challenging as accessible" and by Fennesz as "one of the best albums of 2006". Deuson states: "[This] new work breaks with the frosty, crystalline quality of 'A Hundred Dry Trees', coming up with a collection that is luminous and sun-baked. It is a lush and epic work that is as moving as it is challenging. A record to be listened to with the volume turned up as loud as the neighbours will allow and with sun shining on your closed eyelids."

Deuson first collaborated with Fällt in 2004 when he contributed an audio portrait of Brussels as part of the touring installation 'Invisible Cities'.

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