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Listening to 'while(p){print...' whilst travelling to Mutek 2002 in Montreal is a curious experience. Its harsh distortion cutting abruptly to the endless stream of automated airport announcements, it's the perfect marriage of the intelligible and unintelligible. The sound of communication drifting in and out of phase, a weak signal momentarily lapsing.

The audio, characterised by shards of data, raw waveforms and abrupt digital landslides, is unquestionably a by-product of Farmers' Manual peculiarly packet-driven vision. An uneven terrain of intermittent melody parsed beyond recognition and polyrythmic acrobatics overlaid with blanket-coverage static and hiss.

To list track titles would be pointless. A less than intelligble mass of multiple-keystroke-characters culled from obscurity, their purpose is as mere pointers, suggesting future data drifts from the infinite stream of zeros and ones that comprise what constitutes communication in today's information saturated world.

Appropriately 'while(p){print...' comes accompanied with a warning that it "may generally contain impure data." Hardly surprising and instantly verifiable - the procedure is simple: switch on and interlock with your surrounding data-soaked environment; "...last call for Flight No. QT284 to Montreal Durval, boarding at Gate 14. Would all passengers please proceed immediately..."


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